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Elliot is a web developer and ruby enthusiast based in San Francisco, CA. He is currently a software engineer at Open Listings, making it easier to buy real estate online.


Sport Ngin

Built Hubstats, an open source Rails engine that aggregates information from multiple GitHub repositories for platform-wide monitoring of deployable applications allowing for shorter release cycles

Project can be found on GitHub


Helped run and maintain an independent cadaveric testing laboratory‚Ä®

Performed general upkeep of the laboratory, including repairing malfunctioning load frames‚Ä®

Machined various aluminum fixtures needed to perform tests

Wrote Matlab scripts to process & analyze motion capture and strain data


Columbia University '13

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Lewis & Clark College '13

Bachelor of Arts in Physics

Train Your Way Fitness -


Train Your Way Fitness is a training studio which aims to personal trainers start their own training business. Our first location opened in January 2014, and we're currently in the process of moving to a larger space tentatively opening mid-October 2014.


We do a monthly infrastructure audit at Sport Ngin, to make sure we have enough AWS reserved instances and that are using them to the fullest extent. This used to involve manually going through each of our accounts, tallying all current running instances and then counting our reserved instances.

I wrote a small command-line tool which does this automatically and exports the information to a Google Spreadsheet. It allows us to audit our reserved instances more frequently helping to save costs.

More info can be found on Github



A classmate and I designed and built a touch based Tic-Tac-Toe game using an arduino and ITO coated plastic covering an array of 13-segment led displays.

I created the schematic and layout of a printed circuit board using EAGLE which allowed for matrix addressing of each of displays.

A short video demonstration can by found on Youtube



I took my first ceramics class in 5th grade, but didn't do anything else with clay until highschool. I got really into ceramics during college, and spent almost all my free time in the studio.

I managed the Platteau, Lewis & Clark's student art center and ceramic studio, and helped manage the Barnard Clay Collective at Columbia.


sylvester&&warrenson, was a shortlived project of two kids stuck in the suburbs over summer vacation. We wanted something to show for all our time spent in my friend Blake's basement, and this is what we came up with.

I played keys, drums (though not very well), and mandolin (not on any of our recorded songs).

Blake played drums, guitar, and keys.

Check it out on Soundcloud.